The fundamental objective of Sesta's vision has always been to maintain the highest quality level of its products. The meticulous attention to quality is demonstrated by the installation of systems that comply with the most advanced in-line production and control technologies, by obtaining ISO 9000 quality process certification right from the start of the business and by the homologation of the products by of the main European bodies responsible for this purpose. This also means that Sesta quality is guaranteed not only by the company, but also by certification bodies which, by constantly monitoring production with periodic visits, guarantee compliance with international regulations, which are often more stringent than the Italian ones. Continuous innovation and entrepreneurship are fundamental characteristics in the development of the Sesta.

The company has always paid the utmost attention to the evolution of the reference sector, constantly investing in production lines that respond to the emerging new needs that have gradually emerged. The new strategic plan of around 20 million euros launched in 2023 also moves along this line. La Sesta is always committed, through all its components, to listening fully to the needs of its interlocutors, to provide a service that ensures maximum satisfaction of their needs. The company is constantly at the side of its customers with the people of its sales network, as a tangible sign of attention and a means to promptly respond to every need.



Over the years it has had continuous increases in the quantity and types of products:
2005: multilayer with thermal insulation coating;
2006: Brass press fittings;
2010: Pipes and fittings for fuel gas supply;
2014: Introduction of a second polymer in the production of multilayer pipes, PE-RT;
2018: Line to bring the coating of the pipes inside;
2019: Second production line from multilayer tube with Aluminum which brings the production capacity to 42 million metres. 2022: Line for a new multilayer tube, without Aluminium, but with EVOH oxygen barrier
2023: Design and assistance assembly of radiant systems. MES system for the computerization, organization and monitoring of production


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