Underfloor Heating

The floor system involves the use of thermoformed insulating panels in extruded expanded polystyrene, with and without internal graphite, with a minimum pipe installation pitch of 5 cm. The thickness of the panel can vary between 1 and 5 cm, with a fixed boss with a height of 2.3cm.
The pipe used can be, depending on the client's request, in pex - al - pex, pert - al - pert, pexb-evoh and pex-a multilayer, with diameters of 16, 17 and 20mm.
The distribution manifold has an internal diameter of 1" 1/4, with connections from 2 to 16 radiant circuits and made of thermoplastic material specifically designed for radiant heating and cooling systems
Each circuit is controlled by four-wire electrothermal actuators with a 220V power supply.
The entire supply of our radiant system includes: insulating panels, perimeter band with adhesive side, tube rolls (100m, 200m and 500m), collector box, distribution manifold, electrothermal actuators, tube fittings, home automation and dehumidifiers with vmc.
Our design staff draws up the installation diagrams on projects sent by the customer in various formats (autocad, archicad, pdf, jpeg) to obtain a precise and reliable estimate.